Group: Chicago Alderman Sandi Jackson Neglects Community

The Chicago Sun-Times' Mary Mitchell checks in on growing dissatisfaction in Jackson's ward. Voters say the alderman, the wife of Jesse Jackson Jr., spends most of her time in Washington, D.C.

Sandi Jackson (
Sandi Jackson (

Keiana Barrett, Jackson’s chief of staff, pointed out that she has dual residency, maintaining a home on Dupont Circle in D.C., and another home in South Shore.

“That has always been the case,” Barrett said. “She has a commuter situation. She is here during the week and travels to D.C. on weekends in most cases.”

Under current law it would take wild horses to drag an alderman out of office …

Jackson has the highest absentee rate in the Chicago City Council.

Three of the alderman’s five absences were before her husband’s illness became public, according to a report on WTTW.

By contrast, her husband, before his medical leave, had one of the highest voting records in Congress.

Read Mary Mitchells entire piece at the Chicago Sun-Times.

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