55-Year-Old Man Paralyzed: Police Brutality?

Gregory Lee-Bey has suffered a stroke and is on life support in North Carolina. Officers say he hit his head while being placed under arrest, but his family believes that officers brutally beat him. 

Donald Lee discusses his brother's case. (ABC News)
Donald Lee discusses his brother's case. (ABC News)

(The Root) — Gregory Lee-Bey, 55, was arrested and charged with burglary at a Fayetteville, N.C., bar two weeks ago. Today he’s paralyzed and on life support after suffering a stroke.

What took place in between is where his family and the police have drastically different stories. The arresting officers say that Lee-Bey simply fell and hit his head while trying to escape, but relatives — who are speaking for him, since he can’t do it for himself — say they don’t believe that version of the events for a minute.

“We’re angry, confused, scared, and more than anything, we want answers,” Lee’s niece Alexandria Lee told The Root. “Police are telling us that he tripped and fell while interacting with police. But the doctors told us that his injuries are consistent with a severe beating. He had a stroke while they beat him and had to be flown to Chapel Hill for two emergency brain surgeries. For weeks he hasn’t been able to say a word.”

From ABC News:

Donald Lee says he is speaking out for his brother because he can’t do it himself.

“He can’t respond, he can’t move his right side. His right side is paralyzed. He has bruises and contusions all over his body,” Lee said. “They had to remove part of his skull because his brain had swollen.”

The family alleges officers beat Lee-Bey during an arrest at a bar on Bragg Boulevard nearly two weeks ago.

Police responded to an active alarm at the bar. According to police, before Lee-Bey was arrested, he tried to runaway and tripped and fell, hitting his head.

Police admit some sort of force was used during the arrest, and it is now the focus of an internal investigation. Still, the family says much more happened than a simple trip and fall.