What's on the Obama Christmas Menu?

The first lady said it's one time of the year that she definitely doesn't think about Let's Move.

The first family at Christmas in Washington, D.C. (Getty Images)

Although Michelle Obama spends much of the year touting healthy living and eating, she told the Today show last week that for Christmas dinner, she might let herself slip a bit. The meal that her family eats on Christmas in Hawaii is very traditional -- and traditionally calorie-rich.

"There's turkey, there’s string beans and stuffing, a little mac and cheese," Mrs. Obama said about the menu. "This is the time when I throw 'Let's Move' out the window for a moment, and get that mac and cheese."

"Everybody deserves their mac and cheese."

The president, who has a not-so-secret pie obsession, will of course have his favorite dessert to end the meal -- and cap off a tough but triumphant year.

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