Classic Images of West Coast Hip-Hop

The Root Recommends: A photography book from Michael Miller, who shot Snoop, Eazy-E and others.

Eazy-E in 1990 (via Egotripland; courtesy of Over the Edge Books/Michael Miller)

(The Root) -- From Snoop Dogg and Ice-T to Tupac and Eazy-E, West Coast rappers have made an undeniable impact on hip-hop. Photographer Michael Miller was there during their heyday in the 1990s to capture the genre's rising stars and inevitable hip-hop icons.

His West Coast Hip Hop: A History In Pictures is a 200-page coffee-table book that chronicles the progression of this musical movement in photos that are beautiful and affecting. From Over the Edge Books, the collection includes a hazy, almost sepia-toned image of Cypress Hill that was used in their demo packaging, a never-seen-before shot of Eazy-E kneeling next to a skateboard deck that has a devilish sticker (check out the "666") and rare images of Snoop Dogg at an album-cover shoot.

The volume is an amazing piece of hip-hop lit that would be a great addition to any rap fan's library.

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