Black TV Watch: Jim’s Yoga Challenge

Chrissy convinces him to try something new. Plus: There's more Jackie drama and a Brooklyn food trip.

Jim Jones practicing yoga on Chrissy & Mr. Jones (
Jim Jones practicing yoga on Chrissy & Mr. Jones (

“It did not smell like Pum Kash. It smelled like Pum Fish.” –Mama Jones

“When Justine suggested that Jimmy take yoga, I was saying to myself, ‘Oh, that’s not happening.’ When he said yes, it blew my head back and parted it down the middle.” –Chrissy

“Russell’s a smart man. Advice from him is straight diamonds and rubies.” –Jim Jones

Highlights: Jim is dead set on getting Chrissy back. He devises a plan to sweep her off her feet with a bottle-poppin tour around the city. He even uses toy figures, cars and a bus to explain his vision. Later, he even agrees to attend a yoga class with her and yoga master Russell Simmons. (Chrissy got the bright idea from Rev. Run’s wife, Justine.) It all seems a little awkward for the rapper, but later he admits that he hopes to tame some of his hot-tempered tendencies. It’s hard to knock the guy for putting in work.

But work is a problem for Chrissy and her Protocol partners. Their leather-jacket fashion show went off well in the last episode, but can the ladies get along long enough to make a real dent in the fashion world? Mama Jones is also banking on her Pum Kash “fragrance” becoming the cash cow she’s imagining. But even Freddie is worried about investing any further. The moral: If it don’t make sense, it don’t make dollars.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (Monday, 9 p.m. ET; Travel Channel)

“Very potent. He’s going to make a baby tonight” –Michael K. Williams

Highlight: For the final episode of the popular chef’s show, instead of traveling to some far-flung location off the tourist trail, Bourdain opted to keep it local and headed to Brookly — but not just the hipster-heavy, artisanal-food-friendly part of the New York City borough. He went to Crown Heights to sample some authentic Caribbean food. Hometown hero Michael K. Williams (Omar from The Wire, Chalky White from Boardwalk Empire) joined Bourdain at Gloria’s as they ate oxtail, curry goat, rice and peas, and mac and cheese in the small, popular joint.

Guess who just happened to be in the neighborhood also? Jamie Hector, who played Omar’s nemesis, Marlo Stanfield, on The Wire. Also a Brooklyn native, Hector stopped through to order some sea moss, a drink known to increase male stamina.