Black TV Watch: Jim’s Yoga Challenge

Chrissy convinces him to try something new. Plus: There's more Jackie drama and a Brooklyn food trip.

Jim Jones practicing yoga on Chrissy & Mr. Jones (
Jim Jones practicing yoga on Chrissy & Mr. Jones (

(The Root) — On Monday night, problems with Basketball Wives LA‘s drama queen continue. This time, though, we get a sense of what her daughters endured. Plus, another rocky relationship searches for unique solutions, and Brooklyn, N.Y.’s cuisine gets put on the map.

Basketball Wives LA (Monday, 8 p.m. ET; VH1)

“It’s probably better for you to know now: I will never get over this.” –Takari

“Ever since I kissed Bambi, everyone wants to be all up in my lesbian business now.” –Draya

“I wouldn’t call it bullying … I would call it ‘back atcha.’ ” –Laura

Highlights: Jackie met with her daughters Chantal and Takari to have a heart-to-heart about their family issues, surprising them by having a counselor present. So you know the talk is doomed from the jump. The girls butt heads with their mom for not footing some of the blame for their predictably drama-filled childhood. Clearly on the defensive, Jackie accused them of lying. The girls left angry and nothing was resolved.

Laura’s interest in getting the scoop from Jackie’s daughters, however, is not as empathetic as it seems. Turns out she’s out get Jackie back for a beef from last season. It’s all so shady. Plus, a few interested lesbians flirt with Brooke and Draya at the club. And Draya gets her serious flirt on with her boxing trainer. Just another episode of tackiness and titillation.

Chrissy & Mr. Jones (Monday, 9:30 p.m. ET; VH1)