Top 5 Magic Moments From 'Black Girls Rock!'

From Janelle Monáe's big win to Dionne Warwick's Living Legend award, we recall the show's highlights.

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Keyshia Cole's Performance

For many women, Keyshia Cole is the go-to singer for that deep, powerful soul music we need when we're going through some heavy relationship issues. With tunes such as "I Remember" and "Let It Go," she's regularly delivered. Now that she's happily married, a new mother and the star of a reality show that's sweeter than it is dramatic, it's no wonder fans may have been doubting her ability to give them something they can feel. Well, doubt no longer. Cole performed her newest song, "Trust and Believe," at the show, and she still has skills.




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Black Girls Rock! Honors Somalian Humanitarians

Nobel Peace Prize winner and Somalia's first female gynecologist, Dr. Hawa Abdi, and her daughters Dr. Deqo Mohamed and Dr. Amina Mohamed were honored for their humanitarian efforts. Their NGO, the Hawa Abdi Foundation, has been empowering women affected by civil war in their home country, providing free health care, food and education for two decades. They've also helped to put in place plans for sustainable agriculture and fixed engineering problems in the refugee camps. Dr. Abdi's daughter, Deqo, accepted her award and invited Beverly Bond and the BGR team to take a trip to the African continent.