Shaq Brings the Funny to YouTube

The ex-NBA great on building a comedy empire and being inspired by Eddie Murphy and Fred Sanford.

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TR: What makes a comedian a good fit for the Shaquille O'Neal All-Star Comedy Jam tour?

SO: He has to be raw. He has to be funny and know how to control a crowd.

TR: What stood out about Gary Owen? What made you think he could be master of ceremonies this time out?

SO: Gary is a white guy, but he does urban comedy. We love him. He tells us about us. But he tells us in his voice, and he is funny as hell.

TR: And you just launched a YouTube channel. What was the inspiration?

SO: You have to look where technology is going. People are on their phones or computers about 60 percent of the day. Now, if you look at some TVs -- they are called smart TVs -- you can go to YouTube on your TV. This is where everyone is going. I know this is where I get most of my laughs and my kicks from.

TR: Any future for Shaq in stand-up?

SO: No, never. I'm a guy who could give you one or two jokes in a row just to get your reaction, and then I'm done. Boom, bam, and I'm out.

TR: Let's talk about your work at Inside the NBA. You had a rough start. How did you improve as the year progressed? 

SO: You got to get comfortable, especially dealing with Charles [Barkley], who talks a lot. You got to know when to get it out quick or when to say it. Charles will take up the whole segment.