Marlon Wayans: Horror and His GOP Pockets

The actor talks about his film A Haunted House, Halloween and being a Democrat despite being rich.

Essence Atkins and Marlon Wayans in a scene from A Haunted House (Open Road Films)
Essence Atkins and Marlon Wayans in a scene from A Haunted House (Open Road Films)

(The Root) — For decades, the Wayans clan has created classic comedy, from In Living Color to the first two Scary Movie films. Marlon Wayans is set to add to that familial legacy having starred in, produced and co-written with partner Rick Alvarez the upcoming film A Haunted House.

The movie, set for a January release, is centered on a young couple — Malcolm (Wayans) and Kisha (Essence Atkins) — who score their dream house. But what seems like an ideal situation soon turns into a nightmare as Kisha becomes possessed, and a whole bunch of other wild things happen in this send-up of “found footage” films such as Paranormal Activity. And while the film is a parody of horror movies, Wayans insists that A Haunted House “isn’t scary; it’s a horror comedy.”

He spoke to The Root about the new film, his thoughts on the Scary Movie franchise and having Republican pockets and a Democrat’s skin.

The Root: Tell us about A Haunted House.

Marlon Wayans: It’s a hard comedy [that answers the question, “What] if Paranormal Activity happened to black people?” I don’t want to call it a spoof. It has comedy elements here and there, and it’s really funny, but what’s great is it’s not desperate for humor. We dealt with all the things black people say in every movie like, “Girl don’t go in there!” That’s some of the fun … And even though A Haunted House is from a black point of view, the humor is colorless, and everyone can relate to it …

I had a ball making A Haunted House because this movie takes me back to my roots. So when people say, “I don’t know if that movie’s going to be good or not,” look at my track record. Don’t Be a Menace, Scary Movie, Scary Movie II, White Chicks — that’s what we do. If you like those movies, come see it; if you don’t, take your ass home.

TR: Halloween’s approaching — what were some of your worst costumes growing up?