Black TV Watch: Pec Popping With Terry Crews

The actor flexes his muscles on Conan. Plus: Michael Eric Dyson battles a black Tea Party leader.

Terry Crews (Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment); Michael Eric Dyson (Kris Connor/Getty Images Entertainment)

(The Root) — Most of America may have tuned in to watch a gracious President Obama let GOP nominee Mitt Romney talk his way back into serious contention for the White House during last night’s first presidential debate. But that’s not all that was on the small screen.

Check out these moments from two late-night talk shows.

Don’t Sleep! With T.J. Holmes

“This is the manifestation of one of the most profound cases of collective self-hatred that black people have ever endured.” –Michael Eric Dyson

Highlight: Michael Eric Dyson screamed on Jesse Lee Peterson, a black Tea Party leader, who, among other things, has been quoted as openly thanking God for slavery, because otherwise “blacks [in the United States] would have been stuck in Africa.” The topic was President Obama’s alleged code switching in front of black audiences, but of course the ridiculousness in the room didn’t go unnoticed. Yeah, thanks, Dyson, because otherwise we might have to go down to BET ourselves.

“Well, you can go to bed now … but don’t sleep.” –T.J. Holmes

Holmes’ sultry bedtime voice makes you want to follow those instructions at all costs. Welp! Guess we’ll just be sitting in our beds waiting for the next time his show airs.

Terry Crews on Conan