Black TV Watch: Prince Rocks ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

The Purple One sang a new song on late-night TV. Plus: Keyshia and Daniel's wedding went ratchet.


Highlights: When the issue of their relationship beyond the baby’s birth comes up, Shania invites Bryan and David to be the baby’s godparents. They politely decline but dive deep into thought about why they can’t guide Shania down a spiritual path — they’re gay, they’re not religious, etc. When Shania’s class hamster Marshmallow dies — and this is not the first hamster to kick the bucket this week — Rocky steps up to provide spiritual guidance, because every little princess needs a little spiritual guidance. Hamster funerals are the new baptism, haven’t you heard?

Benji (Tuesday, 8 p.m. ET; ESPN)

“He does represent a dream unfulfilled, and that’s a hard pill to swallow.” —Scoop Jackson

Highlight: Seventeen-year-old Ben “Benji” Wilson is remembered as one of the best basketball players to ever come out of the Chi. He was expected to go pro until he was murdered, after bumping Billy Moore and failing to say, “Excuse me.” Friend R. Kelly and foe Billy Moore are two of the many voices in this tragic tale that aired last as part of ESPN’s 30 for 30 series of documentaries.

Watch the trailer here.

Keyshia and Daniel: Family First (Tuesday, 10 p.m. ET; BET)

“Gib is everything that I prayed for. I really appreciate the fact that he loves his family as much as I love mine.” —Keyshia

“It was just absolutely amazing. Everyone was having a good time, especially Frankie, who was somewhere, you know, enjoying her time.” –Keyshia