Black TV Watch: Prince Rocks ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

The Purple One sang a new song on late-night TV. Plus: Keyshia and Daniel's wedding went ratchet.


(The Root) — Tuesday night was legendary. It was sad. It was sweet and ratchet. And another hamster expired.

Prince on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Tuesday, 12 a.m. ET; ABC)

“The one, the only, Prince.” —Jimmy Kimmel

Highlights: On Jimmy Kimmel’s show, Prince was like we like him — looking crazy and sounding great. He wore a tasseled, metallic, animal-print jacket and yellow pants while singing an ode to rock music called “Rock N Roll Love Affair.” Of course, he didn’t disappoint. Maybe it’s good he wore his metallic and yellow; they really shone under the lights when he closed out the show with “Dance Electric.”

Watch it here.

The New Normal (Tuesday, 10:30 p.m. ET; NBC)

“God bless you little one, we’ll see your little furry face in the afterlife.” –Rocky

“Testify, girl!” —Rocky