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Black TV Watch: Prince Rocks 'Jimmy Kimmel'

The Purple One sang a new song on late-night TV. Plus: Keyshia and Daniel's wedding went ratchet.


(The Root) -- Tuesday night was legendary. It was sad. It was sweet and ratchet. And another hamster expired.

Prince on Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Tuesday, 12 a.m. ET; ABC)

"The one, the only, Prince." --Jimmy Kimmel

Highlights: On Jimmy Kimmel's show, Prince was like we like him -- looking crazy and sounding great. He wore a tasseled, metallic, animal-print jacket and yellow pants while singing an ode to rock music called "Rock N Roll Love Affair." Of course, he didn't disappoint. Maybe it's good he wore his metallic and yellow; they really shone under the lights when he closed out the show with "Dance Electric."

Watch it here.

The New Normal (Tuesday, 10:30 p.m. ET; NBC)

"God bless you little one, we'll see your little furry face in the afterlife." --Rocky

"Testify, girl!" --Rocky

Highlights: When the issue of their relationship beyond the baby's birth comes up, Shania invites Bryan and David to be the baby's godparents. They politely decline but dive deep into thought about why they can't guide Shania down a spiritual path -- they're gay, they're not religious, etc. When Shania's class hamster Marshmallow dies -- and this is not the first hamster to kick the bucket this week -- Rocky steps up to provide spiritual guidance, because every little princess needs a little spiritual guidance. Hamster funerals are the new baptism, haven't you heard?