Black TV Watch: Family Pets and Hip-Hop Vets

T.I. gets the kids a rabbit. Plus: RZA and the Wu-Tang Clan play soccer on late-night TV.


(The Root) — What do you get when you add a woman dressed as a man dressed as a woman, a dead hamster, a broken relationship and an up-and-coming rapper? Monday night in black TV. (Drops mic and walks away.)

Basketball Wives L.A. (Monday, 8 p.m. ET, VH1)

“I’m glad I was able to move forward and say it, and not let Jackie live rent-free in my brain.” —Malaysia

“Draya’s here! Draya’s here!” —Laura

Highlights: So apparently, at some point last episode, Malaysia was mad at Jackie, but about 10 minutes into this week’s episode, things are back to normal. According to M, the two have squashed the beef because apparently Jackie is just too nice to stay mad at.

Laura, Jackie’s maid of honor, takes her sweet time to get to the hotel where they’re staying — she shows up just two hours before it’s go time.  

Of course, since Malaysia and Bambi are the newest members of Team Jackie, they’re pissed about this flaky, sneaky behavior and also that when asked, Laura said she wouldn’t care if Jackie died. Don’t most maids of honor act like this?

Fast forward to Jackie’s wedding. Yay! It’s the enormous mess we were all waiting for — the drinks are flowing, go-go dancers are shaking, Laura is dressed in drag and Jackie is all too happy to hike up her wedding dress to expose her glittery blue underwear and new, gay-pride tattoo to Doug.

But the best part of the wedding is that as soon as Doug and Jackie say their “I do again”s, Jackie hollers, “Clean slate!” Excuse us?