Black TV Watch: Olivia Flexes Some Girl Power

The Scandal star spoils an evil plot. Plus: Tracy gets into monkey business on 30 Rock.


30 Rock (8 p.m. ET; NBC)

“Since Chris and I have been trying, Liz Lemon has had a little awakening in the bathing-suit area.” —Liz

 “Liz, Ive seen your bathing suits. That could be anywhere.” —Jack

“Say hello to Professor Wigglebottom. See how hes wearing clothes and hes got a suitcase like hes going on a business trip? Why is he being so professional?” –Tracy

Highlights: Lizs (Tina Fey) sexual awakening has her channeling Carrie Bradshaw. Though Jack (Alec Baldwin) has a bunch of different women playing for his team, hes disappointed when he finds out hes not the MVP. And Tracy (Tracy Morgan), while trying to prove that women arent funny, gets a monkey named Professor Wigglebottom, because monkeys are obviously funny to everyone. Oh, wait — turns out the professor is a girl. Not so funny. 


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