Black TV Watch: Olivia Flexes Some Girl Power

The Scandal star spoils an evil plot. Plus: Tracy gets into monkey business on 30 Rock.


(The Root) — From the problem-solving Olivia Pope to the problem-causing Liz Lemon, the ladies took over TV on Thursday night, and they were entertaining, perhaps to the chagrin of Tracy Jordan. 

Scandal (Thursday, 10 p.m. ET; ABC)

“They know about the late-night phone calls from the West Wing!” –Arty   

“I am protecting my country. You are dabbling in national-security issues.” –Fitz

“I am not yours. I dont show up places because you want me. I am not yours. This is over.” –Olivia  

“You see her again, Ill blow you away … and Im an excellent shot. Remember?” –Mellie

Highlights: So the NSA has been acting a lot like Big Brother, spying on American citizens and even monitoring the president in the West Wing, according to Arty, a former NSA employee. He’s also got Olivia (Kerry Washington) convinced that theyre out to kill him. But she finds out thats not the truth and Arty was actually planning on using her team to unencrypt the Big Brother software to sell it to private companies. Lets just say Olivias pissed. Pissed enough to have Huck (Guillermo Diaz) shoot Arty with a tranquilizer gun and turn him over to the feds.   

In the meantime, Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) is jealous that one of Olivias old flames is back in her life. During a hunting trip, he calls her out to the woods to scream it out. Well, screaming turns into kissing, and kissing turns back into rage, so were back to square one again. The president and Olivia are not together. This revelation is a little too late, because the first lady has already found out. She promises that she might lick shots at her hubby if he can’t get his act together. Do right, Mr. President, do right. 

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