Black TV Watch: Tyler Perry Thanks the Lord

Gary has an off day on Guys With Kids. Plus: The Alex Cross star prays on The Colbert Report.

Comedy Central
Comedy Central

(The Root) — For everyone who ever ran errands on a day off, put in extra hours that paid off or lost out on tickets because of a trip to the emergency room, Wednesday night’s episode of Guys With Kids was for you. If you like more mellow activities such as Stephen Colbert’s hilarious interview with Tyler Perry, then check out the banter below.

Guys With Kids (Wednesday, 8:30 p.m. ET; NBC)

“What aren’t we going to do? First, we’re going to return these bathing suits to Old Navy that we’ve had sitting around forever.” —Gary

“I’ll give you one of my kids for a Giants ticket.” —Gary

“I’m not celebrating Mother’s Day anymore. I do not deserve the last-minute gifts purchased at CVS.” —Marny

Highlight: It’s Gary’s (Anthony Anderson) day off. After taking care of the kids solo while Marny (Tempestt Bledsoe) attended a conference, he deserves it. Too bad that instead of going to a Giants game as planned, he spends most of the day helping Nick and Chris steal Sheila’s couch. After the guys practically kill Gary lowering the couch to the ground, he’s off to the Giants game. Oh, wait, one of the kids is in the emergency room — too much grape jelly. Looks like another change of plans. After rerouting to the hospital, the guys are finally on their way to the game with Gary donning a hospital gown. Whatever works.

The Colbert Report (Monday-Thursday, 11:30 p.m. ET; Comedy Central)

“Oprah gave me a beautiful set of kitchen knives. Don’t make me cut a Tyler Perry.” –Stephen Colbert