Black TV Watch: Race-Based Education Goals

Tia talks about leaving The Game. Plus: Guests discuss Florida's student-achievement goals with T.J. Holmes.

(The Root) — Though many were focused on the whooping Barack Obama was dispensing for free during last night’s debate, there were other things on during prime time Tuesday night, too. Those things include a grown man painted to look like a cheetah and race-based education benchmarks. You’re welcome.

Tia & Tamera (Tuesday, 9 p.m. ET; Style)

“With Cree … he’s won my heart over, so I just want to do something like that for him.” –Tia

Highlight: On the second-season premiere episode, the biggest news is that Tia is leaving The Game. It’s the show that everyone’s come to know and love; the show BET picked up and screwed up — or saved, depending on your opinion; and the show that put these twins back on the map. Because, be honest, you haven’t tuned in to any of their projects since Sister, Sister.

Well, since she was offered only a recurring role in The Game’s next season, Tia decided to throw in the towel. On to more permanent things, like a tattoo of Cree’s name on her ribs.

Watch here.

Chicagolicious (Tuesday, 10 p.m. ET; Style)

Highlight: This new second-season episode of Chcagolicious was wild — not just because it’s Chicago and not just because it’s licious, but because the stylists make people over to look like animals for a photo shoot at the zoo and because AJ’s cousin is returning to the salon. Cheetahs, peacocks, stylists, oh my.

Watch here.