‘Basketball Wives’ Can Learn From ‘R&B Divas’

The talented, mature recording artists can show their reality-TV comrades a thing or two.

VH1; TV One

Can viewers remember what Govan was serving or if the ladies even enjoyed her food? Probably not. I bet viewers remember Govan’s petulant behavior toward Christie, the woman with two books under her belt, when Govan could have been professional and invited her feedback on the tasting, possibly gaining advice on pursuing a book deal.

The women on R&B Divas are far from perfect — in fact, Gilbert-Daniels, who is an executive producer on the show, has zero likability. Being a know-it-all who is wrong a lot, inflexible and prone to tantrums is not a good look. As professionals focused on the business of singing, these ladies know that if they want their TV series and charity albums to succeed, they’ll have to continue to deliver on the uplifting nature of the show highlighted in the promos.

Despite Gilbert-Daniels’ antics, Evans, Carter and Wyatt prove each week why they are still relevant and forces to be reckoned with in the R&B arena. Even Gilbert-Daniels, who can be combative and resistant to everything, has enough business know-how to sign on as an executive producer of the show, which means she’ll be paid whether or not she remains as talent. If the ladies of Basketball Wives L.A. plan on relevancy or longevity, then they may want to put on their big-girl pants and tune in to R&B Divas to get some tried-and-true lessons from divas who have actually earned their titles and have staying power.

Nsenga K. Burton, Ph.D., is editor-at-large for The Root. She is also editor-in-chief of the Burton Wire, a blog dedicated to world news related to the African Diaspora and global culture. Follow her on Twitter.