Live VP Debate Coverage From TWIB and The Root

Get ready to rumble! Join us for live pre- and post-event video commentary, chat and live tweeting.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images; Bloomberg/Getty Images

(The Root) -- Are you ready for Joe Biden vs. Paul Ryan? We are! Count the zingers, gaffes, triumphs and missed opportunities along with us, 8-11 p.m. Vice presidential debate coverage will be live-streamed below on TWIB and Google+! Hosted by Elon James White, L. Joy Williams and Aaron Rand Freeman, the program will feature pre- and postdebate analysis by Imani Gandy, Anthea Butler and The Root contributing editor David Swerdlick.

Add your voice to the conversation, using the chat and Twitter modules below (be sure to use #TWIB2012 in your tweets so they will show up in the stream). Tell us how you think the candidates did, and what you wish they'd said.

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