Dwyane Wade on Parenting and Success

In his memoir, A Father First, the NBA star says a tough childhood didn't limit his reach.

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DW: I just hope they understand that I was them. I don't want them to look at the finished product and say, "Aw man, you don't know." I was there, I've walked in those same shoes and it's not an excuse. Everything I've been through had to be for a reason. I know there are men out there now, fighting to be a family or be in their kids' lives. For me [this book is a] platform to share all these different things, and hopefully someone who reads my story of successes and downfalls can try to better themselves. I also wrote this book for my boys. They're young now but when they get older they can understand what happened between their mom and I and what made me who I am.

Hillary Crosley is the New York bureau chief of The Root.

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