Watch This: Booker on Dems' Platform Change

Newark, N.J.'s mayor says the discussion of the issue has been "a little over the top."


Cory Booker, Newark, N.J.'s mayor and Democratic platform-committee co-chair, stopped by CNN's Starting Point this morning to discuss his party's decision to alter the language of its platform to restore a mention of God and declare Jerusalem the capital of Israel.

He said that he found the extensive discussion about the issue "a little over the top" and encouraged viewers to "not create a partisan issue out of a nonpartisan issue." From Mediaite:

The vote, he said, was made after an effort to add back the language Democrats had used for years within their platform, "convention after convention," and called the change an "unfortunate [omission]." He also made note that, on the other side, the candidate does not [agree] with his own party's plank regarding abortion and abortion exceptions.

Booker also advised others to "not create a partisan issue out of a nonpartisan issue." All this [...], he continued, is "a simple omission that was corrected by the Democratic party."

Read more at Mediaite.

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