Black TV Watch: T.I. vs. Sweet 16

The rapper goes overboard for his daughter's party. Plus, Giancarlo Esposito debuts in Revolution.

T.I. (VH1); Giancarlo Esposito (NBC)
T.I. (VH1); Giancarlo Esposito (NBC)

T.I. and Tiny: The Family Hustle (Monday, 9 p.m. ET, VH1)

“I had a white ’86 Cutlass Oldsmobile.” –T.I.

“This ain’t got that je ne sais quoi.” –T.I.’s assistant, Snake

In this week’s episode, Tiny and T.I.’s oldest daughter-OMG girl Niq Niq drops not-so-subtle hints about the plush ride she wants for her upcoming sweet-16 birthday. In full Cliff Huxtable mode, T.I. teases her with the idea of hosting her party at Chuck E. Cheese, which the adorable Major agrees to fund with piggy bank money. And the rapper-dad promises to buy her an ’86 Oldsmobile Cutlass, just like he had when he was her age.

But of course, in the end T.I. throws Niq the party we knew he would — complete with giraffes, camels and actors with Egyptian-style headdresses (called nemes) who carry her in on a giant pillow and give her a big white luxury car. The King of the South doesn’t make a bad stepdad.