'Wayman Tisdale Story' Producer on Emmy Win

Veteran film and TV exec Michael Swanson discusses the documentary on the late NBA great and jazz musician.

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MS: When I found out about our nomination, I was honored, humbled, excited, proud, all at the same time. I knew what that meant for the work, most importantly, and I was just grateful that Wayman's story got recognized on this level.

Sitting at the Emmy ceremony through all those other categories before best documentary was very nerve-racking. When they said we won, my initial reaction was that for the rest of my life I can be called "Emmy-winning producer Michael Swanson." [Laughs.] We all shouted, jumped up, hugged everyone on our team, and went up there to get our Emmys. I will never forget that moment.

TR: What's next for you?

MS: Staying busy. I'm a studio production exec at NBC/Universal, and the shows I cover, Parks and Recreation and Community, begin production soon for their new seasons. So I'm preparing for those shows to start up. And [the film's director] Brian Schodorf and I are discussing another sports-themed film. Of course I'm always cooking something up with my wife, writer-director Christine. She wrote a wonderful script that will complete our All About You and All About Us movie trilogy.

The Wayman Tisdale Story is now airing on ESPN and NBA-TV and is available everywhere, including the film's website.

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