Snoop Lion or Snoop Lyin’?

Has the rapper-turned-reggae artist really turned over a new leaf, or is this just a marketing ploy?

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Perhaps if Broadus were more forthcoming about the role he played in the negative direction of rap music, or suggested that his foray into reggae is an attempt to right this wrong or to restart a rap career that isn’t stalled but is clearly on the decline, then perhaps he would be taken more seriously. But it’s hard to take seriously a man known as much for buffoonish antics as he is for his legendary rap talents. Further, a man who has made the bulk of his money by degrading women and glorifying violence and drug use — all while being married and a father — has a lot to disprove, and a name change isn’t going to cut it.

Nsenga K. Burton, Ph.D., is editor-at-large for The Root. Follow her on Twitter.