‘Single Ladies’ Season 2 Finale Recap

In this season-ending cliffhanger episode, Keisha, Raquel and April attempt to lock down love.


Back at the boutique, Morgan is helping a shopper and recognizes a last name on her credit card. It turns out that her new boo is married. (Will Morgan ever catch a break?) When she confronts Kasim, she learns that not only is he married, but he also has three wives and is a prince. He wants her to be his fourth and final wife. Is Morgan about to be a princess in the A?

Omar and Drew hang out “as friends,” but things get interesting when Drew leans in for a kiss. Omar can’t deny his feelings for Drew, and says he wants to break up with his boyfriend before things go any further. But at his next meet-up with Parker, things quickly get a bit awkward when Omar finds out that Parker and Drew are, gasp, brothers. What’s going to happen with this love triangle?

Raquel finally decides that she’s going to tell Charles how she feels, before it’s too late. She finds out that he’s on his way out of town with Padma but decides that she can’t wait any longer to tell him that she loves him. She — ever so dramatically — runs out to her car, speeds over to him and blurts out that she loves him. Will this change his mind about being with Padma? Dun. Dun. Dun.

April, surprisingly, is welcomed into Reggie’s mother’s home with open arms. And everything seems to be going well until his mother and cousin say they “finally want him to stop this charade.” They say that they know that he’s gay and he should stop trying to fool April into thinking that he loves her — when he really loves men. Is this their attempt to get her out of the picture? Or is Reggie really on the down low? (It’s a pretty corny turn in their storyline, if we say so ourselves.)

Sean and Keisha finally talk face to face — er, on FaceTime — but in the middle of their reconciliation, Veronica (Victoria Rowell), Sean’s old boo thang, shows up to brawl with Keisha, Obsessed style. They roll around, knock each other out and break furniture throughout the apartment. Then Malcolm shows up and gets knocked upside the head, too. And that’s when Keisha really goes in (“Don’t mess with my man — er, ex-boo”?).

Winston shows up to intervene after having investigated a suspicious car outside Keisha’s apartment. Sean arrives shortly thereafter, and he and Malcolm trade a few blows to the head. Keisha kicks everyone out except for Sean, and they agree that they will go their separate ways. With the way Keisha ran to Malcolm’s side after he was clocked in the head, it’s clear that she’s still in love with him.

Keisha and Malcolm meet up and quickly admit that they still love each other — and that their “brush with death” proved that they couldn’t live without each other. At the episode’s close, they fly off in a helicopter together, all lovey-dovey again. Since the series will return for season 3, we can only imagine the types of shenanigans that will happen, now that all the “single ladies” have a quite a few things to work out in their love lives.

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