Is Samuel L. Jackson Team USA’s Biggest Fan?

In today's link roundup: Jackson has been delivering a steady stream of encouragement on Twitter. Plus: Crazy Talk: "I Only Shot a N---er."

Michael Buckner/Getty Images
Michael Buckner/Getty Images

Is Samuel L. Jackson Team USA’s biggest fan? Gawker has chronicled his enthusiastic tweets about Team USA and notices that “the actor, who watches the Olympics more closely than perhaps any other human being in America or on Earth, frequently voices his opinion that the Olympic judges are behaving less than honorably.” Check out some of the highlights from his timeline.

Crazy talk: “I only shot a n—er”: That was what Walton Henry Butler allegedly told police after his arrest for firing a gun into a black man’s head. He’s charged with attempted murder and a hate-crime enhancement. Something tells us his “defense” isn’t going to help him, and he’ll have plenty of time to justify his actions to himself with racial slurs while he’s behind bars.

Being white at a black college: Ever wonder what it’s like? Read this insightful interview about an experience that not many people can say they’ve had, and few understand.

Happy birthday, James Baldwin! The iconic novelist, essayist and playwright, who died in 1987, definitely deserves to be celebrated.