Nina Simone's Daughter Speaks Out

In today's link roundup: Nina Simone's daughter discusses a controversial biopic about her mother. Plus: Rodney King Jr. had drugs and alcohol in his system.

Ben Rose/WireImage/Getty Images

Nina Simone's daughter discusses controversial biopic about her motherNina Simone's only daughter, an accomplished Broadway actress and vocalist who goes by simply "Simone," has made it her job to mind her mother's legacy. She recently took to Facebook to discuss a controversial biopic of her mother, which is slated to star Mary J. Blige and Zoe Saldana.

Rodney King Jr. had drugs and alcohol in his system: A coroner's report says that Rodney King Jr., who rose to national prominence in 1991 after he was viciously beaten by LAPD officers, had several drugs as well as alcohol in his system when he died nearly two months ago.