African Reactions to Zenawi’s Death

Ethiopia's prime minister died Tuesday at age 57. At a summit on Africa, The Root is asking delegates for their take on what the news will mean for the country and the continent.

Al-Hassan Conteh (Jenée Desmond-Harris); Meron Wudneh (Facebook);Yohannes Assefa (Jenée Desmond-Harris)

I found out about his passing here at the summit, and I was really saddened. There were rumors about his health, but we didn’t know for sure. It’s a loss not only for Ethiopia but for the whole continent or Africa. His family has my condolences and prayers. We can only pray that we get someone equal to or better than him. I went back to Ethiopia three years ago, and the improvement is so dramatic. He’s responsible for all of the new construction projects. When I called my friends there, they’re still in shock.