Don't Hate Lolo Because She's Beautiful

Is it fair to judge the U.S. Olympic hurdler on her looks more than for her athletic ability?

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Like so many Olympic athletes, Jones sweated and trained for years, all for the chance to represent her country, with limited opportunity for pay and glory. She and all Olympic athletes deserve to be an endless source of inspiration.

"Maybe there's a little girl who doesn't think she can be an Olympic athlete, and she sees all the things I struggled through to get here," Jones told Savannah Guthrie in that Today-show interview. "I just really hope that my story will give somebody hope. Yeah, I didn't walk away with a medal or run away with a medal, but I think there's lessons to be learned when you win and there [are] lessons to be learned when you lose."

What's so sad and cynical about that?

Genetta M. Adams is a contributor to The Root.

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