Angie Stone: Industry Outsider?

The artist spoke to Ebony in an interview that covered her upcoming album and much more. 

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

On rumors that she was “financially exploited” by Sugar Hill Records:

It’s so sad to talk about it now but I am going to because I never had a voice to say it before … Dre cut the song “Keep Their Heads Ringin’ ” and when I looked up we all had was 6%. Sylvia had sold the licensing and rights to the song over to Dr. Dre. Right now to the day Dr. Dre is collecting publishing on a song we wrote. I never had a publishing deal because I was underage. By the time I went to deal with it legally the building had burned down and there were no records or files of anything. So [The Sequence is] still being cheated. It hurts because this was our first song ever by the first female rap group worldwide. It is our legacy and we have Dr. Dre collecting publishing on our song. It is a sin.