‘Single Ladies’ Season 2, Episode 7 Recap

There were plenty of men to go around for Keisha and Raquel.


April runs into her ex-husband, Darrell, at the gym. And lo and behold, Jennifer cozies up to his side, just as Darrell says he found a light at the end of the tunnel after their divorce. “It’s funny how things turn out. Guess everything happens for a reason.” Welp.

April frantically calls her girls to gain some clarity, but after they don’t answer, she calls Reggie, who has his hands full with one of his boos. Later Reggie shows up to check on April after hearing her frantic phone call. She lets out her feelings about seeing Darrell and Jennifer together and realizes that she’s ready to be in love and in a relationship.

They share a nice moment — he tells her she’s amazing — but then he puts the nail in the coffin, cementing her position in the friend zone, when he says there’s the perfect guy out there waiting for her. But with that longing look in April’s eyes, it’s clear she wishing that he’d swoop in and be the man of her dreams.

On Keisha’s dinner date, she finds out that her new boo will be shipped off to Afghanistan the next day, but since she’s had such a good time, she finishes the night off with a nightcap in his hotel room. Now, if something seemed fishy about the man in uniform — his talks about fallen comrades and living every day as though it’s his last — then maybe you wouldn’t have fallen for his game.

As Keisha leaves his hotel room the next morning, they run into his boss/co-worker in housekeeping, who says they’ve been paging him for 15 minutes to clean up a mess on the 27th floor of the hotel. Keisha fell for the okey-doke. He wasn’t a general — he’s a janitor, using his charm and access to a military officer’s uniform to talk her out of her panties. Accent? Fake! His name? LaDamian.

After Raquel and Nate have the “best vegan burger” of her life, Nate takes her to his job and teaches her how to change a tire. They go for a spin in his 1963 Ford Thunderbird, and they cap off the night with a steamy kiss at her front door, sealing the deal on their second date.

Back at the boutique, Raquel begins to spill the tea on her date with Nate when Charles shows up to the boutique to surprise her with a few guitar lessons. After they share a passionate kiss, the look on her face says, “Nate, who?” She tells the girls, and Omar, that she wants to keep dating both men, and since both of them are devastatingly sexy, I, for one, am definitely not complaining. Here’s to more eye candy next week.

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