‘Single Ladies’ Season 2, Episode 6 Recap

April baby-sits an R&B egomaniac. Raquel robs the cradle. And Keisha gets cut off from Malcolm.


Raquel has her date with Scotty, and instead of pretzels, he cooks up a vegan meal for two, and she’s pleasantly shocked by his maturity. But Keisha busts up their date right in the middle of their first kiss, and Raquel quickly ushers him out the door. The next morning, the ladies have a powwow about Raquel and her young tenderoni. April and Keisha give Raquel a hard time for robbing the cradle. But after hearing the pros and cons, she decides that she’s going to date him anyway. YOLO, right?

Back at Indulgence, Marcus (Omar Gooding) shows up to exchange a few words with Omar (Travis Winfrey). While his intentions seem good at first — he apologizes for his homophobic remarks — the conversation quickly turns sour after he requests Omar’s blessing to marry Presley (La La Anthony). Omar was fine with the proposal; he wants to see his sister happy. However, Marcus’ next request about Presley’s son is unforgivable.

“Your lifestyle is a bad influence,” Marcus says. “I’m asking you to stay away. Give me a chance to raise him to be a man. Just think about it. This way your nephew can finally have a real daddy.”

Taylor and Malcolm go out to dinner, and Taylor reveals that her father’s investments have “put the family in a very precarious position.” And to her surprise, Malcolm already knows the details and is perfectly fine with it.

“We were meant to build a dynasty. There will be doors that your money and charm won’t open. That’s when my family, our network, will be there,” Taylor tells him. This sounds more like a business deal than a loving relationship. But as we know, Malcolm is always looking out for his own best interests. But then Taylor drops a real bomb: If they want to go forward, Malcolm must cut off all contact with Keisha.

While Keisha is hammering in one of her real estate benches, Terrance, Malcolm’s brother, shows up to convince Keisha to fight for her relationship. Terrance, ever the man down with the streets, appreciated Keisha’s “down” personality. He gives her a little background on how his big brother has always been looking for a way in to the high-society life of Atlanta. Growing up, they were always just on the outskirts of that life, and now he wants all the way in.

And then out of nowhere, Shelley shows up and hops in Terrance’s car, asking about their sex tape. It looks like Miss Priss was once into bad boys. Terrance explains that when he went to jail, his place was robbed, so he doesn’t have the tape. He promises to find the guys and take care of it. And he delivers one of the funniest and best-delivered lines of the night: “Man, you better calm your lil’ light-skinned ass down!”

April finally figures out how to control bad boy Bobby. She calls his mama. “No, please don’t tell big mama I’m stressin’ out white people,” Bobby pleads. Needless to say, he quickly straightens up.

As they’re closing up the boutique, Presley shows up to talk to Omar. Apparently Presley never heard the phrase “blood is thicker than water,” because she chooses to stand by her man rather than tell him off. “He works, he comes home, he doesn’t run the streets,” she says. She’s clearly caught up. (Where was he when she needed money to pay rent and buy groceries last week?)

Raquel runs into Charles, the (fine) man she met at the Boule ball. She had been calling him for a couple weeks but had the wrong number. Just as they were talking about the possibility of connecting, she mentions that she’s in a “situation,” and on cue, Scotty shows up, puckering up for a kiss like a little kid.