All-Stars Boost Negro Leagues Museum

Loose Ball: The struggling Kansas City, Mo., institution benefited when the All-Star Game came to town.


Kendrick expected All-Star week to bring in about $500,000, which would go a long way toward the $2 million the museum needs to relocate from its cramped space to the 40,000-square-foot YMCA building where Foster became the “father of black baseball.” The museum receives financial assistance from MLB, and players make donations as well, but Kendrick hopes that the recent dose of publicity will lead to increased, sustained contributions from a wider swath of baseball fans and American-history fans.

“I am just thrilled with the visibility that the museum is getting,” he said. “Certainly Major League Baseball and the [Kansas City] Royals and the city have done a wonderful job of helping push the museum out front and center, and we’re seeing the response as a result of that.”

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