NBA Vet’s Book on Fatherhood a Slam Dunk

Loose Ball: Former Washington Wizard Etan Thomas shoots and scores on an urgent, neglected subject.

Etan Thomas (Courtesy of
Etan Thomas (Courtesy of

“They said if you come from a single-parent household, you’re not going to make it,” Thomas said. “We made a pact. I told her I was going to make right choices and make right decisions.” He did just that. After playing four years at Syracuse University, he was drafted at No. 12 in 2000 by the Dallas Mavericks. He spent seven of his 11 NBA seasons with the Wizards before ending with Atlanta in 2010-2011.

Whether or not there is more basketball in his future, the 34-year-old will continue his crusade through speaking engagements, visits to youth groups and media appearances. He continues to interview men from all walks of life on his website and continues to encourage fathers, mentors and sons — no matter how well or how poorly they’re performing in those roles.

“I really could have made two books,” he said. “It’s important to display everyone’s experiences, thoughts, feelings, et cetera. I want this fatherhood movement to have an impact for everyone.”

He’s on the way to making that happen.

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