Beyoncé's 10 'Most Ghetto Lyrics'

In today's link roundup: Some of Bey's more questionable musical moments. Plus: A sad day for racial justice in North Carolina.

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Beyoncé's 10 "most ghetto lyrics": We can all agree that these lines, on a list pulled together by HelloBeautiful, are probably not what the first lady had in mind when she declared the singer an inspiration. Most surprising: "Pay my automo-bills" didn't even make the cut!

Sad day for justice: North Carolina overrides death-penalty racial-bias veto: North Carolina's Republican-led Legislature voted on Monday to override Democratic Gov. Beverly Perdue's veto of a law that will limit the ability of death row prisoners to use statistical evidence of racial bias to challenge their sentences.

On declining numbers of African-American baseball players: The trend is undeniable. CBS Sports' Dayn Pery weighs in on what the future holds.

Frank Ocean and black male bisexuality: Clutch magazine tries to determine what, if anything, is the big deal about the way he allegedly opens up in his new album.

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