‘Single Ladies’ Season 2, Episode 4 Recap

The ladies go to a strip club and attend a Boule ball. Margaret Avery and Lauren London guest-star.


(The Root) — Last night’s Single Ladies episode, “Ex Factor,” was for everyone from the bourgie, Boule-going folks to the Magic City rainmaking connoisseurs. The episode opens with Raquel’s first strip-club experience. While April is mesmerized by a stage performance by Jack, Keisha fights off daydreams of her exes as she makes it rain on Darkness, a hard-bodied cowboy who seems to be Malcolm (D.B. Woodside) at one moment and her ex-fiance Sean (Terrell Tilford) in the next. April seems to get her mojo back as she steps to Jack to tell him how much she enjoyed his show. 

The episode quickly jumps from talk about Jack the Stripper to Jack and Jill types, after Raquel’s father convinces her to attend the event of the season, the Kappa Boule charity ball. Keisha, of course, agrees to attend with the intentions of meeting a new, rich man to help get her mind off Malcolm.

April agrees to attend, too, just before she hurries out of the office to go to the gym, dressed in her best first-date attire (in five-inch heels, mind you). But what better way to skip a workout than by going on a date with her stripper boo, Jack, who arrives on his motorcycle to pick her up?

Upon arriving at the Boule, the ladies tease April about dating a stripper. And although they conclude that there’s nothing wrong with a boy toy, Raquel hopes that April will hit it off with Reggie Westfield, who quickly makes a play for April when they step into the ballroom. “It appears you’re single,” he says. “If I have my way, not for long.” But more on them later.

Raquel runs into her ex-fiance, and he tries to tug at her heartstrings — just before his girlfriend shows up to interrupt. Keisha and April come to console her, and Keisha doles out a few words of advice: “Never let your ex see you sweat.”

And not two minutes later does she end up needing to have a woosah moment herself. The queen of the night walks into the ball with Malcolm on her arm. Keisha is able to keep it cool, at first, as Malcolm introduces her to Taylor. Ever so uppity, she tells Keisha that the minimum donation is $10,000, and in a power move, Keisha pledges $15,000 like it’s chump change. Keisha quickly turns her attention to the closest cutie, Randall, whose family owns the local bank. (Now, that’s big money!)

They also run into Shelly (Lauren London), who, last season, was the woman Val’s (Stacey Dash) ex, Quinn, left her for. She was also the daughter of Jerry, who broke Val’s heart. (Stay with me!) She’s dating James (Flex Alexander), who’s vying to become the next Barack Obama.

Just when you thought Keisha was holding it all together and keeping her poker face on, she breaks down after Taylor announces that her boyfriend, Malcolm, donated $100,000 to the charity. Yes, her boyfriend. In an act of desperation, Keisha kisses Randall the banker before running off to hide her tears.

For the umpteenth time, Raquel’s mom tries to convince her to take back her ex, Victor, even after he’s cheated. “I know your intentions are good, but please don’t try to convince me to settle,” Raquel tells her. But her mother’s “reality” comes as a shock when she finds out that her father once cheated on her mother.