'Single Ladies' Season 2, Episode 4 Recap

The ladies go to a strip club and attend a Boule ball. Margaret Avery and Lauren London guest-star.

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Another cutie alert! Raquel briefly talks with Charles, a man who appreciates the art of meditation, just before she has the first dance of the night with her father. He admits that he regrets the mistakes he made in the past, but also warns her that some men make mistakes, don't learn any lessons from them and aren't worth her time.

After the father-daughter dance, Raquel finds Keisha crying in a corner, finally breaking down after a night full of testy moments, and they quickly exit stage left.

And no Single Ladies episode is complete without an unannounced appearance. Malcolm shows up at Keisha's door to apologize about Taylor's announcement that they were an item. Then Sean swoops in to check on his calla lily delivery. Although he also showed up unannounced, his timing couldn't have been more perfect, as he embraces Keisha while giving Malcolm an "I got ya girl now" smirk. And although she scolds him for showing up unannounced, it's clear that she could use a friend after the Bourgie Ball Gone Wrong.

At the boutique, Shelly shows up to get some "first lady" attire, just before Raquel confronts her about an alleged sex tape that's on the rumor mill in Atlanta. Well, looks like Shelly's going to need the help of an Atlanta version of Judy Smith if she's really trying to be like Mrs. O. (We'd love Columbus Short, our favorite gladiator in a suit, to make an appearance! Wishful thinking?) April also brings in Jack the Stripper to announce that she's dating him no matter what anyone else has to say!

This episode leaves viewers on the edge of their seats after Taylor shows up to pick up her check from Keisha. Taylor rattles off her new address to Raquel, and to Keisha's dismay, Malcolm has already moved her in. Will this end in a battle royal between uppity Taylor and keep-it-funky Keisha? Or will Keisha keep it movin' and give in to Sean's advances? If this roller coaster of an episode is any indicator, there's no telling what twists and turns will happen next.

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