Black BMX Rider's 'Get Sylvester' Web Series

The Root Recommends: Nigel Sylvester documents his trip to the Dominican Republic in a new episode.

'Get Sylvester' (YouTube)

(The Root) -- African-American BMX bike star Nigel Sylvester is back with the latest installment of his edgy and personal Web series, Get Sylvester, which follows the Queens, N.Y.-raised biker and documents both Sylvester's stunning two-wheel talent and his equally cool life.

In this episode he lands in the Dominican Republic, joining his BMX pal Ralphy Ramos to hit the streets in Ramos' native island country.

Get Sylvester offers viewers a sneak peek into Sylvester's career as a jet-setting professional biker and exposes the underground world of street biking.

Catch the latest episode of Get Sylvester below, and check out other episodes on YouTube

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