Cissy to Perform Whitney Tribute?

In today's link roundup: Read about BET's very personal plans to honor Houston. Plus: A message to Love and Hip-Hop haters. 

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To Love and Hip-Hop Haters: Change the damn channel! Mona Scott Young has a simple tip for those who can't stand the show.

Cissy to perform Whitney tribute? A source tells the Huffington Post that she'll be joined by "a few other top divas" for the number at the BET Awards.

Multiracial Streetcar Named Desire stirs Broadway controversy: The cast members have confronted the issue directly. Blair Underwood says he's astounded that we're even having this conversation. Are you?

Ivory Coast to aid citizens from Israel: Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara said that seeing Africans desperately trying to flee their home countries is "humiliating."

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