Bounce TV Debuts First Original Programs

With Family Time and Uptown Comic, the rising black network attempts to attract new viewers.

Bounce TV
Bounce TV

Nine months since the launch of Bounce TV, and the self-proclaimed “first African-American broadcast network,” co-founded by Martin Luther King III and civil rights icon Andrew Young, has birthed its first original programming.

Bounce TV has been live across the country since September 2011, airing a mix of feature films, documentaries, sports, syndicated series and inspirational faith-based programs. Two Monday night series filmed exclusively for the network debut tonight: Family Time (9 p.m. EDT), a sitcom starring and produced by Omar Gooding (Baby Boy), and Uptown Comic (9:30 p.m. EDT), a half-hour standup comedy show hosted by Joe Torry (Poetic Justice).

Family Time is the brainchild of Bentley Kyle Evans, veteran television actor and co-creator of The Jamie Foxx Show. While the premise — a construction worker moves his family from the hood to the suburbs after winning half-a-million dollars in the lottery — isn’t necessarily one to which many people can directly relate, the ensuing financial and social stresses certainly are, as is the combative yet undeniably loving relationship among the family.

“I loved the script when I read it; I laughed out loud,” Gooding explains. “And talk about working fast: We shot six episodes in five days.”

The show presents positive (but not sanitized) portrayals in the face of the potentially problematic depictions of African Americans on reality television. “So many reality shows are about fighting and getting drunk,” Gooding says. “But we’re touching on [family] value issues and current issues, like handling money and raising kids who have access to the Internet.”

While Bounce has an advantage of inclusiveness in being a free terrestrial network, airing on channels that don’t require a cable subscription, the move puts it squarely in the path to become a bigger alternative to pay networks such as TVOne, Centric and BET.