'Black Folk Don't' Make Web Series?

The Root chats with Angela Tucker, creator of a satirical show about the diversity of black interests.

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TR: What's new in season 2 of Black Folk Don't?

AT: This season is going to be 16 topics. We travel to New Orleans this time because we wanted to talk to different kinds of black people. With the first season, I filmed them all in New York, so you're definitely getting a very specific kind of black person in New York. I was interested in talking to people from different regions in the U.S.

It is very, very different. I got a lot of answers that I didn't expect. For example, New Orleans is a very Catholic city, so it's very religious, but it's a different kind of religion. Catholicism plays a big part in that city, and people discuss God in a very different way. In New York, no one really discusses God. I mean, they have their own relationship with God, but in New York, discussing God is not cool, in a weird sort of way. 

Melissa Harris-Perry and Touré are in it this time, and everybody else is regular folk. I don't feel like anyone is more of an expert on being black; everyone just has [his or] her own experience of being black. The first topic is "Black Folk Don't Swim." This season is also viewer-selected, based on topics of interest that viewers voted on. It's definitely different from last season.

TR: You're also the series producer for the PBS documentary series AfroPoP. What's next for Angela Tucker?

AT: I'm co-producing a new documentary called The New Black with Yvonne Welbon [that] Yoruba Richen is directing for Promised Land Film. The film, which should be out in 2013, is about the black church and the LGBT community. I'm also working on a fiction script.

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Nsenga K. Burton, Ph.D., is editor-at-large at The Root and founder of the award-winning news blog the Burton Wire. Follow her on Twitter.

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