‘Single Ladies’ Creator Talks Season 2

Stacy A. Littlejohn shares her Hollywood story and gives a sneak peek into the show's latest drama.

Paul Smith
Paul Smith

(The Root) — Stacy A. Littlejohn had every intention of becoming a criminal defense attorney. But by the time she hit college, a moral dilemma kept gnawing at her conscience: Could she really defend someone who might be guilty? No, she decided. So instead of heading to law school, the Oakland, Calif., native took a hard left and sought to flex her creative muscles in Hollywood.

By all accounts, her change of heart has paid off. After several high-profile internships, Littlejohn scored a writing assistant job on Moesha in the mid-’90s. She’s worked steadily ever since, with credits on various programs, from Fox’s The Wanda Sykes Show and UPN’s One On One to rewriting scripts for films such as Will Smith’s Hitch.

Now she’s the showrunner — TV shorthand for creator-writer-producer — for Single Ladies, the deliciously over-the-top drama starring LisaRaye McCoy, Charity Shea and newcomer Denise Vasi that is about to start its second season Monday on VH1.

The Root caught up with Littlejohn — who’s emerging as one of Tinseltown’s rising behind-the-camera power players — to discuss the new episodes and how she’s excited to show black women making moves on the small screen.

The Root: The biggest news this season is the cast turnover. Stacey Dash has left the show. Can you tell us more about her replacement?

Stacy A. Littlejohn: I’m not allowed to talk about that situation, but the character that replaced her is wonderful, and after episode one, I don’t think about her [Dash] anymore. So that’s a good thing. Expect a whole new experience with our girl Denise Vasi. She plays Raquel, who comes from old-money Atlanta. She and Keisha [McCoy] grew up together …

[Spoiler alert:] In the first episode, [Raquel] is about to get married to this guy who her parents set her up with. She loved him like a brother — not like she should’ve loved him. She breaks free of all that. She has this journey through the season, dating and having some fun.