French Open: Serena Eliminated in 1st Round

In today's link roundup: Williams lost in the first round at Tuesday's tournament. Plus: First photos of André 3000 as Jimi Hendrix.

Serena Williams (Getty Images)

Serena Williams eliminated in first round of French Open: For more than a decade, Serena Williams won first-round matches at Grand Slam tournaments. At the French Open on Tuesday, that all changed.

Why more women aren't attracted to science: BET News explores the question and what's being done to change things. Watch the video here.

Rethinking Africa's health: According to the first piece in a series for Slate, there's a disconect between the "macro" story and the "hardscrabble reality" when it comes to health in the continent's major cities.

First photos of André 3000 as Jimi Hendrix: The film about the iconic rock guitarist has already started production in Ireland. Check out photos of the leading man at Rap Radar.

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