Salute, Don’t Scorn, Kentucky’s Starting 5

Loose Ball: The Wildcats' freshmen and sophomores who are headed to the NBA draft deserve praise.

“It’s been a great opportunity playing here,” Davis said. “I’ll miss this team, the way we played together. We all love each other. I’m just going to miss this place. We won an NCAA championship here and did a lot. We all did a lot for this school, and I’m going to miss it.”

College-basketball fans are going to miss them, too. But instead of being angry about the time not spent at Kentucky, appreciate the time they did spend.

Calipari has the right approach, even as he attempts to reload the program. “I’m proud to say I was able to spend a year with them,” he said.

Considering what these players accomplished through hard work, putting themselves in position for more rewards, pride is an appropriate emotion. Anything else is tinged with selfishness.

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