Watch This: Stewart Blasts UNESCO Cutoff

John Oliver takes a look at the decision to defund the humanitarian organization from the perspective of kids in Africa.

Jon Stewart and John Oliver (Comedy Central)

The U.S. will suspend all future contributions to United Nations humanitarian organization UNESCO because it recently voted to admit Palestine as a member. The reason: a law that prohibits funding to any organization that recognizes Palestine.

In a satirical Daily Show With Jon Stewart segment, John Oliver, who suggests in an interview with former Rep. Robert Wexler that the law could easily be changed, says about UNESCO, "All they care about is some poor starving people."

To dramatize the difficulty of explaining the decision to the beneficiaries of the organization's work, Oliver ventured to Gabon to try talking about it with a group of schoolchildren who benefit from UNESCO funding, asking them to cover their eyes so he won't have to look at them while he attempts to justify the cutoff.

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