'Grandma Was Cherokee': Biggest Black Myth?

In today's link roundup: Finding Your Roots reveals that many African Americans have less Native American ancestry than they think. Plus: When did hoodies get a bad rap?


'Grandma was Cherokee': biggest black myth? The Root's editor-in-chief, Henry Louis Gates Jr., talked to the Wall Street Journal about what he's learned from his Find Your Roots series on PBS. One interesting point: He says African-American guests are often surprised at how much European blood they carry and their lack of significant Native American ancestry.

Rap video gone wrong; man fatally shot, run over: A man was shot and killed then accidentally run over Thursday night during the filming of an amateur rap video, according to Philadelphia police. A 33-year-old man was hit in the head and later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Ghana Think Tank talks "white saviors": ColorLines spoke with Christopher Robbins, one of the founders of Ghana Think Tank, an ongoing work of "socially mediated public art" that challenges the global narrative of helplessness.

When did hoodies come to mean "up to no good"? Slate traces the history of the garment that's receiving national attention as a result of Trayvon Martin's killing.

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