Did Trayvon Martin Shooter Use a Racial Slur?

In today's link roundup: A Florida station says that George Zimmerman may have muttered a disturbing comment around the time he shot the black teen. Plus: Michelle Obama on Letterman.

George Zimmerman (ABC News)

Did Trayvon Martin shooter use a racial slur? A Florida TV station is saying that George Zimmerman, who shot and killed African-American teenager Trayvon Martin, might have muttered "f---ing coons" under his breath on the 911 tape, but it's difficult to tell for sure. Listen for yourself.

Michelle Obama on Letterman show: The first lady made her debut as a guest on The Late Show Monday night. As she joked around with host David Letterman, Mrs. Obama revealed a few secrets about life in the White House.

Depressing March Madness stat regarding graduation rates: Are schools preparing their student athletes to lead productive lives off of the basketball court after their playing days are over? According to ColorLines, the answer hasn't always been a good one, and it's often colored by race.

Nicki Minaj to earn millions as new face of Pepsi: Her first commercial is coming soon. The brand definitely chose someone who knows how to attract attention.

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