Anderson Cooper Analyzes Trayvon 911 Tape

In today's link roundup: Whether George Zimmerman used a racial slur remains unsettled. Plus: Karl Rove says that killing bin Laden was no biggie.

Anderson Cooper analyzes Trayvon 911 tape: The CNN host asked an engineer to adjust the sound to make it easier to determine whether George Zimmerman, the neighborhood-watch man who killed Trayvon Martin, used a racial slur. In the new audio clip, in which the language in question is repeated several times over, do you hear “coons,” “punks” or something else?

According to his parents, more than 1 million join fight for justice for Trayvon: In a press release the day after the Million Hoodie March, they said they’d received an outpouring of support from around the nation.

Karl Rove says killing bin Laden was no biggie: In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, he says any president would have done it. And he manages to misquote Bill Clinton about the incident, too.

Can the Breitbart machine survive without him? Andrew Breitbart created a conservative media machine with a take-no-prisoners style. Slate analyzes what will happen to it now.

Glenn Beck site speculates that Trayvon Martin was “dangerous”: The Blaze insinuates, based on reports that Trayvon had been suspended from school for tardiness, that he might have actually been a criminal.

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