Video on NYC Welfare Recipients Sparks Controversy

Alexandra Pelosi said the video would annoy liberals, as her earlier video on Mississippi voters irked conservatives.

Getty Images

Mediaite reports that the daughter of Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), documentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi, appeared on HBO's Real Time With Bill Maher to premiere a video that runs counter to a video she made that was shown last week. That video featured rural, conservative white voters in Mississippi making controversial statements about President Barack Obama.

While the Mississippi video angered some conservative commentators, Pelosi's latest video, which focuses on welfare recipients in New York City, might irk some liberals, the filmmaker said.

The video shows welfare recipients saying they have no plans to return to work as long as they have welfare.

To Maher, Pelosi described how there had been hesitation at HBO about airing the second video, revealing hypocrisy on the part of liberals: It's OK to show footage of "toothless rednecks," but not African Americans gladly using welfare as their support system.

Read more at Mediaite.

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